Commercial & Office Building Security

Pendleton Security has earned the respect of property managers from Mississippi’s largest and most prestigious office buildings. Our staff works with you to implement a commercial property security solution that meets your building’s unique needs. Pendleton’s on-site team will assist in controlling and monitoring access to your building by adopting a friendly and professional enforcement. Our web-based reporting system combined with highly trained security officers who are prepared to hand most any emergency as they arise help provide our customers with an exceptional level of service which usually exceeds expectations.

Pendleton Security recognizes that our security officers are ambassadors of your building and usually the first person visitors encounter as they enter. We therefore highly emphasize the importance of making a good first impression and exhibiting proficient public relations skills.

Skilled and experienced commercial property security officers meet a superior standard of alertness & proficiency and provide key services, including: Stationary Desk Reception Duties, Visitor Logging, Grounds Patrolling, Parking Lot Security and Event Security.

Every office building has a unique set of security requirements that deserve a tailored approach. Pendleton’s security officers maintain a professional demeanor while creating a secure environment for businesses and their network of employees, clients & visitors.