Industrial Security

Pendleton Security works closely with you to customize the right security solution for your industrial security needs. We pride ourselves on providing clients throughout Mississippi with the best, high-quality security solutions for industrial needs. Pendleton’s industrial security guards are trained to working manufacturing and industrial environments. They have the skills and training required to provide clients with security services aimed at reducing theft and losses to the company. Our security officers endeavor to quickly respond to any situation and resolve the problem before it reaches a critical level. Whether it’s managing guests on-site, deterring thefts, providing entry & access, or dispersing unruly situations, our security officers have the knowledge, tools and expertise to handle the job effectively.

Pendleton Security offers a variety of functions that will help to safeguard your industrial site. We can patrol and monitor both the inside and outside of the facility, can document any suspicious activity that may arise on your site and report anything deemed dangerous, perimenter patrols, vehicle inspections and much more. Pendleton will help you tailor a specific security program that is effective for your facility.