Manufacturing Security

Pendleton Security offers private security solutions for manufacturing and industrial properties throughout Mississippi. We endeavor to secure and protect these types of facilities from a wide variety of threats using custom-designed security plans and professional, knowledgeable staff. Pendleton can effectively cover the security needs of any manufacturing facility. Our versatile team of security officers can staff gatehouses, operate scales, conduct foot & vehicular patrols, monitor surveillance equipment, respond to emergencies, lock doors, set alarms, fire watch, monitor temperature gauges and much more. Pendleton’s web-based reporting system allows you to be constantly updated on security matters at your facility from any internet connection in real-time.

Security generally starts at the perimeter to prevent unauthorized entry. From detecting suspicious activity at a chemical plant or unlawful entry at an airport hanger, intrusion detection and perimeter security help proactively identify threats before they escalate. Pendleton works closely with you to create a customized security program that focuses on advance planning and preparation for contingencies.